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Let us help you find the right eXmark product!

Here at SV Tractors we carry a full line of eXmark mowers and landscaping equipment. We have been selling eXmark products since 2005. We have a large inventory of eXmark mowers in stock. If we do not have the model you want, we can get it for you in one to three days. Some specialty items may have to be ordered. These will also take one to three days to be delivered.

We also service what we sell at our Corsicana, Texas, location. Our technicians are fully qualified to repair any eXmark product.

We have a large inventory of eXmark replacement parts. We stock 90 percent of the parts that make up an eXmark mower. Drop by our Corsicana location or email us your parts needs and we can ship them out to you.

The eXmark Mower Story

For more than three decades, eXmark had been committed to making, flat out, the best turf care equipment in the world. Today, eXmark takes great pride in doing it better than anyone else, cosistently delivering products designed not only to meet every one of your expectations — but also to exceed them.

Making the world's best commercial-grade mowers doesn't just happen. It comes from working hand in hand with the people who not only use eXmark equipment, but who swear by it. eXmark calls it manufacturing with a purpose — and that purpose is making your business more successful and rewarding.

Building the world's best commercial mowers takes drive. Grit. Imagination. Commitment. And, especially an ability to listen. Exmark goes out of its way to hear what eXmark owners are saying.

Exmark customers spend a lot of time on our equipment. So, eXmark spends a lot of time obsessing over comfort. Thinking about it. And, designing new ways to make eXmark machines fit customers better. Exmark's goal it to make sure that the industry's best-performing mowers are also the most comfortable.

Exmark is known to professional landscapers everywhere for its simple, low-maintenance machines designed to provide years of worry-free operation. Cut after cut, lawn after lawn, season after season. Legally, eXmark can't tell you that its movers last forever. But, a lot of our eXmark owners will tell you — they almost do.

We also have parts for: